Lesson 1: Self-introduction

My name is Yuki Nagasawa. I turned 18 years old last month. I started to play golf when I was 3 years old, because my parents like to play it. Then I became a junior high school student, I joined a tennis club, but I left it when I was a second high school student. The reason is that I wanted to work a part-time job. It does not mean I came to dislike tennis. I could not decide between the golf club and tennis club at college but finally joined the tennis club. I think that I want to study more and enjoy playing tennis in my college life.


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Lesson 9: Poetry Writing

13 There are a number of obstacles lined up to get to the finish line. Must jump over it There are a lot of friends in ground. Ready Set Go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Jump 1,2,3 Jump 1,2,3 I glanced to my left no one in front of me. Jump 1,2,3 oops! I took down Jump 1,2,3 IContinue reading “Lesson 9: Poetry Writing”

Lesson 8: Poetry Writing

7 Dad told we’ve got to go to Tokyo. Only 11. I didn’t want to go it can’t be helped. A cold wind is blowing here. Someone said Tokyo is humid and hot. Can’t imagine. Too hard decision for youngsters. Now I’m an urban people. Now I don’t remember how cold Niigata was. One ofContinue reading “Lesson 8: Poetry Writing”


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